A Helpful Factor – Did you know that cleaning your test computer’s registry may improve its word and data processing performance by up to 7.6 percent? Also Keep In Mind – Registry errors are not assigned priority levels.

The Final Verdict

WinOptimizer has improved our test computer’s overall performance by 5.27 percent. Though it’s too insignificant to be noticed, it’s still the second best improvement totalled in this review.

It’s also been awarded for its excellence in design, usability and set features.
Ashampoo’s WinOptimizer is more than an app for cleaning your Windows registry: It is a software suite with more than 30 unique tools to optimize or manage your computer’s performance. Though our review focuses mainly on the registry cleaner tool, this is still a robust app within our lineup. Despite making the second-highest performance improvement in the review, the gains were not significant. WinOptimizer has rightfully earned its Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.


Since this software promises to speed up your PC, we’ve tested these apps on an old computer. We used benchmarking software before and after cleaning to see if the apps affected overall performance.

We found 1,604 registry errors. After fixing these, performance improved by a solid 5.27 percent. Data processing rose 7.6 percent: This was the most notable improvement for any registry repair program within benchmark categories. Graphics processing dropped by 0.4 percent. Web browsing speed dropped by 1.73 percent. Video chat quality dropped by 0.20 percent.


WinOptimizer is A-graded for ease of use. It’s designed for novices, so there are few steps. The interface design is simple and easy to navigate. You may scan and fix errors in two steps. The registry’s backup and system restore features are essential; they permit you to undo fixes without harmful impacts on performance.

The top convenience lacking is error prioritizing. It’s a minor omission as most users usually repair registry errors naturally but still a good choice for the more thoughtful users. Priority levels give context to the errors. For example, if the computer has errors that take hours to fix, you may fix only those high-priority issues.

Additional Utilities

Unlike most registry cleaning apps, this registry cleaner tool is but one of many utilities. Fixing the registry minimally impacts performance, and additional utilities increase the product’s value.

WinOptimizer also cleans junk files, clears caches, optimizes RAM and maximizes your privacy. You may create restore points, defrag a hard drive, uninstall old software, remove extra files, delete internet data and optimize browsers. You may also encrypt, split, restore or shred files.

Help & Support

Since there’s no phone or live chat support, you must submit a help ticket. The company also does not offer a user manual but only a few videos used primarily for marketing.

The Final Draw

WinOptimizer is extremely versatile as a utility software and registry cleaning tool. Using it, our tested computer’s performance increased by 5.27 percent – the review’s second best improvement though often unnoticeable. Yet value-wise, with more than 30 optimization tools, only a few registry cleaner apps compare.

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