How to Recover Data from A Dead iPhone

A Step-by-Step Fail Proof Procedure to Recover Lost Data on iPhone Devices

Phone numbers are the most important data for any person’s phone. In contrast to the highly developed phones right now, initial phone versions only had features that supported calling and messaging because those make the fundamentals of any mobile device. However, our current advancement in phone technology does not always provide protection against accidents such as wrongfully deleted contacts. According to a detailed analysis regarding the loss of contacts, we established that there are six primary ways one can lose contacts:

  • Loss of data when the phone was in recovery mode
  • Lack of a security feature against viruses and attacks on the iOS SYSTEM
  • Physical damage to the device such as immersion in water or crashed
  • Data loss from jailbreaking the device
  • Formatting the phone by resetting the device
  • Accidental deletion of critical data

Most people experience unexpected data loss while performing regular tasks on the phone such as syncing of contacts on the phone, iCloud or iTunes, phone resetting and updating of the phone’s iOS. In an attempt to recover the addresses, people resort to applying any recommended solution. However, not all of those solutions are easily comprehensible or safe. The iOS Data Recovery program has a straightforward methodology in phone recovery and is proven to recover contacts even if the user did not create a copy on iCloud or iTunes.

Compatible Devices: iPhone 7/6S/6/5S/5/4S/4, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPod Touch.

Procedure of Recovery Contacts Using the iOS Data Recovery Software

Step 1 – Download, install and launch the program, then connect the iPhone to a MAC computer.

In the case of a Windows PC, please click on the Windows version instructions.
After launching the application software, ensure that the installed iTunes app is fully functional and connect the phone to a PC using a USB cable.

Step2 – Select the most suitable recovery mode from the three available options, namely:

  • Recovery from the iOS
  • Recovery from iTunes backup
  • Recovery from iCloud backup

Selecting recovery from the iOS will immediately launch a scan to analyze the internal memory of the phone and the cache space. The session might take a few minutes depending on the volume size of those compartments.

Step 3 – The final step provides the user with a good preview of the pre-stored phone addresses and numbers. It is possible to choose just a few contacts instead of the entire phone book. After completion, click the recovery button to launch the restoration process.

This time-proven iPhone Contacts Recovery software is most suitable for candidates looking for a trusted solution to restore lost contacts. The app’s developers applied advanced tech knowledge and used upgraded resources to build a product that executes its tasks efficiently and has a friendly human-computer interaction platform. One person stated that he successfully recovered lost contacts from his iPhone using the iPhone Contacts Recovery app on two occasions without any glitches. Studies indicate that the usage of iPhones in the United States is the highest in comparison to other nations.

In 2016, the average American user spent $40 on purchasing apps, among them data recovery softwares to restore accidentally deleted information. There are hundreds of applications on the Apple store which do not always perform the specified software roles. In the worst case scenario, some turn out to be well-disguised bugs that render more harm to the device and the user’s life by corrupting crucial data such as phone contact. All these factors can leave a disoriented iPhone user in a total maze while attempting to recover the contacts. However, downloading and installing the iPhone Contacts Recovery app is a sure way to beat the stress and complications that arise from an unfortunate contacts’ deletion situation.


Easy and Free Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

There are several reasons why your computer may be running slow. This can be extremely frustrating and annoying if it is not addressed as soon as possible. You will be happy to know there are a few easy things you can do to avoid this inconveniencing situation. Being proactive and educating yourself about the cause will help you prevent this from occurring.

1. Your Computer May Be Bloated

Yes, that’s right, your computer may be full of crap…literally. There are some anti-virus programs that are great for protecting your memory against viruses, but on the flip side they may come with a bunch of unnecessary other applications that take up a lot of space. Norton 360 is a prime example of this because there are so many applications on the Norton 360 and you most likely wont need any of them. They just sit there, going un used. You can combine programs like the Norton 360 with an uninstall software which removes all the applications that you od not need while freeing space and speeding up speed simultaneously.

2. Your Start Up May Be Overloaded

So you like to have everything on your home page huh? Great but make sure it is not too much for your hard drive to start up with. You want her to start up with the essentials and not have to sort through all these added start up applications.

3. Updates Updates and more …

Windows is notorious for all their fancy updates. A lot of the updates get rid of security flaws or minor bugs, but they can be excessive, and this can slow down your computer. It is recommended that you only download these updates manually and not automatically.

4. Using Anti Virus Software

When you let this Anti Virus Software scan it can recognize the infected files right away. But when you update your anti virus it actual makes your computer run slower. For this reason you should make sure you know how to turn your anti virus software off when you are not going to use it.

5. If you Have Too Many Temporary Files

Anytime you use your computer for whatever reason it stores a temporary file. Weather you are typing or browsing the web these temporary files build up and over time can slow your computer down. For this reason it is recommended that you clean this up at least once every six months to avoid it from making your computer run slow.

IN conclusion, bloatware ( your computer being bloated) , excessive files, preloading and even antivirus software can slow your system down. There are several things you can do to avoid this from happening. Making sure that updates and anti virus scans are all done manually and not automatically is a starting point and something everybody can monitor easily. No matter if your computer is brand new and still in the plastic, or maybe you have been using it for years, these precautions should be applied to everybody.

Top 6 Great & Useful Computer Tools You Should Know About

There are several useful tools that are built into Windows that a lot of people are not going to know about. Some of these tools include the snipping tool, Windows defender, and many more.

Snipping Tool

The first tool is the snipping tool. With this tool, you are not going to need an image editor in order to edit your screenshot. All that you will have to do is grab a portion of your screenshot and save it. In order to find the tool, you can type snipping tool into the Windows search window. Once that it has opened up, then you click on file and save it as a jpeg, gif, or png format.

Windows Defender

The second tool is the Windows Defender. This is a free solution from Windows to an anti-virus and anti-spyware program. It is a combination of tools for anti-spyware and a virus scanner that they once had in the Microsoft Security Essentials. As soon as turn the computer back on, the program will be activated and it will automatically update itself. Since it is going to be running in the background of your computer, it is going to alert you if there are any problems with your computer. But you can change the settings if you want more results.

Startup manager

The third tool is the startup manager. This is how a lot of people are going to speed up their computer without having to add any additional software or hardware on the computer. Therefore, you will to remove any of the programs that you do not need to open up when you are starting up the computer. The best way to do this is to right click on the program and disable them. Then you can do a quick search if you don’t know what a program is to see if it is essential for the computer.

Sticky Notes

The fourth tool is sticky notes. This is basically post it notes that you can have on your computer instead of all of the place. These notes are a great way for you to remember certain things. They are going to be in the background of your screen so you will be able to see them all of the time. Plus they are not going to be in the way of all of the other things that you might be doing on your computer. Therefore, once they are done with a particular task, you can delete the sticky note.

Disc Image Burner

The fifth tool is the disc image burner. This is a tool that you can use to burn a CD or DVD on your computer. All that you have to do is insert the blank disc into the writer disc, find the file that you installed into the Explorer, right click on that rile, and burn the disc image. This will allow the tool to open so that you can select the burn and click burn to start the process. You will need to verify the disc after it is burned to make sure the process is done.

Map Network drive

The last tool is the map network drive. This is one of the easiest ways to access some of the files on your computer. You will have to type the location of the folder on the network, select the letter of the drive and it will open manually. Most of the time, the letter is going to be Z because it is not going to interfere with any of the other drives. When you open up My PC, then you will be able to see the folder in a separate drive for easy access.

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How to Recover Your Lost Pictures

It is now a common thing that one can recover the photos they have deleted from their devices. The difference in the manner in which the process will be carried out is the tool that you decide to use. There are different tools that have been tested and proved to have the ability to recover the photos that you deleted from your phone or computer. The manner in which you choose the tools to use will determine the extent to which the process will be successful. Some of the tools have the ability to recover photos from SD cards that have been formatted as well as the computers and the phones.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Photo Recovery Tools

Security of the tool; when you choose a tool to use in recovering photos that you have deleted, you have to ensure that it is virus free. There are some tools that can affect the devices you use for storing your photos. The tools that we give you as the options for recovering your photos have been proved to be good because they do not have any kind of virus. They do not affect the performance of your device once you have recovered your photos.

The ability to recover the photos, the tools that we give you have the ability to recover the photos that you may wish to recover. There are some tools that take longer than others to recover the photos that one had deleted. Some of the tools that people use to recover the photos they would wish to recover do not fully recover all the photos. Always ensure that the tool you use has the ability to recover your photos.

The ability of use supported devices; the use of the tool will only be successful if it has the ability to sense the devices. If it cannot detect the devices that are used in storing the photos then there is no need to use it. Always ensure that you get a tool that can sense the devices used in storage.

How to use the tool to recover; the ease with which one can use the tool is another important factor that you have to consider. It is advisable that you choose a tool that does not require training for one to use. The process of using the tool should be easy so that it can be used by anyone.

The Tools that One Can Use to Recover Photos

Easy digital photo recovery

This tool is loved by many people as a result of its simplicity. People also love the tool because it works faster than the other tools that are used to recover photos. When you want to recover your photos and other JPEG files, this is the best tools that you can opt for.

Odboso photo Retrieval

This is a tool that can only be used to recover files from the windows operating system. It is mainly meant to be used in retrieving images and files that have been deleted from a device that uses windows as its operating system.


Remo recover media

The tool has the ability to recover large files that contain photos and music. The advantage of using it is that you are able to recover the files very easily. It is known to have the ability to scan deeply compared to other tools.

Stellar phoenix photo recovery

This is one of the widely used tools that people make use of when they want to recover the photos they have deleted. The advantage of using it is that it is simple, secure and also compatible with different device operating systems.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer Review


A Helpful Factor – Did you know that cleaning your test computer’s registry may improve its word and data processing performance by up to 7.6 percent? Also Keep In Mind – Registry errors are not assigned priority levels.

The Final Verdict

WinOptimizer has improved our test computer’s overall performance by 5.27 percent. Though it’s too insignificant to be noticed, it’s still the second best improvement totalled in this review.

It’s also been awarded for its excellence in design, usability and set features.
Ashampoo’s WinOptimizer is more than an app for cleaning your Windows registry: It is a software suite with more than 30 unique tools to optimize or manage your computer’s performance. Though our review focuses mainly on the registry cleaner tool, this is still a robust app within our lineup. Despite making the second-highest performance improvement in the review, the gains were not significant. WinOptimizer has rightfully earned its Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.


Since this software promises to speed up your PC, we’ve tested these apps on an old computer. We used benchmarking software before and after cleaning to see if the apps affected overall performance.

We found 1,604 registry errors. After fixing these, performance improved by a solid 5.27 percent. Data processing rose 7.6 percent: This was the most notable improvement for any registry repair program within benchmark categories. Graphics processing dropped by 0.4 percent. Web browsing speed dropped by 1.73 percent. Video chat quality dropped by 0.20 percent.


WinOptimizer is A-graded for ease of use. It’s designed for novices, so there are few steps. The interface design is simple and easy to navigate. You may scan and fix errors in two steps. The registry’s backup and system restore features are essential; they permit you to undo fixes without harmful impacts on performance.

The top convenience lacking is error prioritizing. It’s a minor omission as most users usually repair registry errors naturally but still a good choice for the more thoughtful users. Priority levels give context to the errors. For example, if the computer has errors that take hours to fix, you may fix only those high-priority issues.

Additional Utilities

Unlike most registry cleaning apps, this registry cleaner tool is but one of many utilities. Fixing the registry minimally impacts performance, and additional utilities increase the product’s value.

WinOptimizer also cleans junk files, clears caches, optimizes RAM and maximizes your privacy. You may create restore points, defrag a hard drive, uninstall old software, remove extra files, delete internet data and optimize browsers. You may also encrypt, split, restore or shred files.

Help & Support

Since there’s no phone or live chat support, you must submit a help ticket. The company also does not offer a user manual but only a few videos used primarily for marketing.

The Final Draw

WinOptimizer is extremely versatile as a utility software and registry cleaning tool. Using it, our tested computer’s performance increased by 5.27 percent – the review’s second best improvement though often unnoticeable. Yet value-wise, with more than 30 optimization tools, only a few registry cleaner apps compare.