There are several reasons why your computer may be running slow. This can be extremely frustrating and annoying if it is not addressed as soon as possible. You will be happy to know there are a few easy things you can do to avoid this inconveniencing situation. Being proactive and educating yourself about the cause will help you prevent this from occurring.

1. Your Computer May Be Bloated

Yes, that’s right, your computer may be full of crap…literally. There are some anti-virus programs that are great for protecting your memory against viruses, but on the flip side they may come with a bunch of unnecessary other applications that take up a lot of space. Norton 360 is a prime example of this because there are so many applications on the Norton 360 and you most likely wont need any of them. They just sit there, going un used. You can combine programs like the Norton 360 with an uninstall software which removes all the applications that you od not need while freeing space and speeding up speed simultaneously.

2. Your Start Up May Be Overloaded

So you like to have everything on your home page huh? Great but make sure it is not too much for your hard drive to start up with. You want her to start up with the essentials and not have to sort through all these added start up applications.

3. Updates Updates and more …

Windows is notorious for all their fancy updates. A lot of the updates get rid of security flaws or minor bugs, but they can be excessive, and this can slow down your computer. It is recommended that you only download these updates manually and not automatically.

4. Using Anti Virus Software

When you let this Anti Virus Software scan it can recognize the infected files right away. But when you update your anti virus it actual makes your computer run slower. For this reason you should make sure you know how to turn your anti virus software off when you are not going to use it.

5. If you Have Too Many Temporary Files

Anytime you use your computer for whatever reason it stores a temporary file. Weather you are typing or browsing the web these temporary files build up and over time can slow your computer down. For this reason it is recommended that you clean this up at least once every six months to avoid it from making your computer run slow.

IN conclusion, bloatware ( your computer being bloated) , excessive files, preloading and even antivirus software can slow your system down. There are several things you can do to avoid this from happening. Making sure that updates and anti virus scans are all done manually and not automatically is a starting point and something everybody can monitor easily. No matter if your computer is brand new and still in the plastic, or maybe you have been using it for years, these precautions should be applied to everybody.

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