A bike speedometer is a computerized device that attaches to your bicycle. The speedometer will measure your speed and distance of each ride. There are some speedometers that can be advanced and have more features.

In general, a speedometer will measure the distance and speed of a ride. These are the more important aspects of a rider wanting the bicycle speedometer. However, there are riders who would want a speedometer to do more advanced things, such as measure the rider’s heart rate during the ride.

Step One Attaching the Sensor

The computerized sensor is the mechanism measuring the distance and speed of a ride. The sensor should be attached to the fork of the tire. This can be found opposite the brake on the front wheel.

Attaching the sensor to the fork is not a difficult task. Some bikes have a suspension fork. For these bikes, you do not want to get your sensor wires crossed the suspension fork wires. This could interfere with the suspension fork unit of your bicycle.

The sensor wires should be run up the back and the outer part of the fork. You should try not to interfere with the bikes suspension while installing the sensor. You will want to run the sensor wire up behind the suspension fork.

Step Two Attaching the Computer

Attaching the computer is easy. You will want to attach the computer to the handlebars. You will also want to attach the computer so it is easy to see while out on a ride. This is the purpose of purchasing and installing a bike speedometer, is it not? So, you can see how fast and far you are traveling by bike while riding.

You will not want to attach the computer, so that it interferes with the turning of the bike. This is an easy task. The computer should normally function without any problems if it is attached near to the stem clamp.

Step Three Attaching the Magnet Sensor

You will want to clip the magnet to the spokes. The magnet should be clipped to the spokes nearest the sensor. The sensor will record one complete tire rotation every time it senses the magnet. The ideal location is within four millimeters of the sensor.

Step Four Calibrating the Computer

The computer will calculate the speed of your ride by counting the number of rotations. The computer can only do this accurately if you input the correct wheel size into the computer. You can usually find the correct wheel size on the tire itself.

After impacting the size of the wheel into the computer, you will want to spin the tire a few times. This will ensure the sensor and magnet is working properly. Also, it will let you know your computer is sending the sensor.


Now that you know how to install your bike speedometer, you will want to do it yourself. You will not want to pay for professional installation of the bike speedometer. That is it, simply follow the above laid out four steps and your speedometer will be up and running in no time at all.

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